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We could use your help! Rushdown Rivals - Keybinds

Posted by KeithGarces - 1 month ago

Hey everyone!

Thank you for the patience! The new Rushdown Rivals update is coming along nicely! Cassette Girl has already been announced (and completed), but the update managed to be much bigger than we thought. Lets just say that it isn't just going to be a single room this time around. The game is getting an overhaul! Thanks to the fact that we aren't tethered to a deadline, we were able to make some really exciting additions to the game! We just need some community assistance in one regard!

One of the biggest critiques came down to the default keyboard controls. A plugged-gaming controller worked out great. The game feel, physics, and movement were received well, but the keyboard binds themselves need a revisit. You are able to completely remap the keys, but we wanted to save you guys some time. The original design had the movement and attack buttons symmetrical (our programmer has a split keyboard.) I had some ideas, but he insisted that we ask the community and I agreed that there wouldn't be any harm in asking. (I want this game to feel right at home with Newgrounds.)

What do you guys think the default Rushdown Rivals Controls should be?

Currently we have:

Up - W

Down - S

Walk Left - A

Walk Right - D

Jump - K

Light - J

Heavy -U

Special - O

Dodge - L

Interact - I

Some Questions and Comments that may come up.

What were you thinking with those original controls?

This game was never intended to have additional characters other than Pico. The original design didn't have light, heavy, special, but punch, bat, and gun. They were originally mapped in a way so all options are easily accessible. Melee attacks were next to each other, dodge was always readily available, the gun was when you needed it. No matter how comfortable it was for the original designers, it was hard for a majority to wrap their head around it.

Couldn't you make up or w jump by default?

Personally, I prefer that myself when it comes to pick-up-and-play flash games, BUT Pico has the ability to shoot upwards. That's not even the biggest wall. Cassette Girl's special benefits from 8-way directional input, and a jump to the up-key would get in the way. THAT BEING SAID, its not completely off the table.

Interact only has one use. You should just make it so you can jump on the zip lines.

Currently, yes it only has one use. That interact button will be seeing more uses so it might need to be easily accessible. We made it a separate key to use ziplines so you don't accidently magnetize yourself to it when you wouldn't want to.

Feel free to ask any more questions or yell at me for the wait. Thank you again everyone. <3




Comments (3)

I never cared for controls if I could just bind them to my taste. But the control scheme works great here.

Up - W

Down - S

Walk Left - A

Walk Right - D

Jump - Space

Light - U

Heavy -I

Special - O

Dodge - Shift

Interact - E

Actually a big fan of this one! Definitely considering it!